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BC Industrial & Engineering Supplies is based in South Africa. We sell and process a full range of industrial metal products including structural steel, plate, sheet and coil, tubular, merchant bar, pipes, valves, fittings, rails, stainless and engineering steels, fittings, hardware.

With new approaches and advice on effective, economic and innovative use of metal products, BC Industrial & Engineering Supplies is committed to improving every facet of the steel industry in its role as a major supplier. We take great pride at being in the steel industry and as such are constantly seeking to elevate the service levels in manufacturing and metals distribution to new heights.

BC Industrial & Engineering Supplies is a major distributor of industrial metal products and a provider of value-added services in South Africa. Customers operate in industries ranging from Construction, Mining, Manufacturing and Engineering to Oil, Gas, Rural, Defence, Marine and Food.

In a market demanding excellence, BC Industrial & Engineering Supplies is leading the industry in service and value. We have been able to expand our capabilities to meet the demands of a constantly changing market. You will find our efficient staff conducts business with the professionalism and confidence it takes to succeed in the business world. We offer competitive pricing and service second to none.

BC Industrial & Engineering Supplies will enjoy and appreciate the opportunity to do business with you and will strive to make our relationship with you friendly and rewarding.

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